Online Giving

Hello everyone,

I would like to share an improvement to the current giving methods. You can now make your donations to St. Peter’s Lutheran Church (SPLC) electronically using your credit card, checking, or savings account.  These can be made automatically on a recurring schedule or as individual giving events based on your choosing.

Why should I use electronic scheduled giving you ask?

There are several reasons:

  • Consistent offering income. The church has recurring monthly expenses as do you and yet if you look at the offering income, it is highly variable. Giving drops off badly in the summer and surges in December. From a cash flow perspective this makes it difficult for the church to pay its bills and not use money from savings and investment accounts during the lean months.

  • Mortgage repayment. The mortgage expense is fixed at $11,008 monthly ($132,095 annually). This is a huge nut to crack and the congregation meets this obligation on a monthly basis often just twice a year, General Offering or savings funds must go to offset this detracting from all the other church programs.

  • Credit card use earns you reward points. We all have credit cards that reward us in some way or another. Using your cards allows SPLC to receive your tithe and you get to keep your points. There is an option for you to elect to pay the 2.75% finance fee to insure your full donation reaches the church.

  • No weekly envelopes to stuff or checks to write. Who really likes doing that every week?

  • Office staff and volunteer time savings. Less time counting money and more time allotted for other essential tasks.


Electronic giving is made simple via a secure website link at which you can generate a profile. When making your profile you decide on the giving frequency, amount and from which account the money will be drawn.  If you like using your credit card, you will be able to help fulfill the mission of St. Peter’s and keep your points. This is a “win win” situation for all.

“Give back to Caesar what is Caesar’s and to God what is God’s.”  Mark 12:17

This was even discussed in the scriptures. We can give what is owed to God to share the life, love and joy of Jesus Christ and earn what is needed for our mortal life.

This program does not replace Simply Giving unless YOU choose to change the method of giving.


David Littlejohn