Loving, Caring, and Sharing is our school motto and one we put into practice every day.


A director administers the school with the assistance of an Advisory Board. The Congregation Council of St. Peter’s Lutheran Church appoints the Director and Advisory Board. Monthly reports of school business and progress are made to the council. All major policies and procedures of the school must receive their approval. A Pastor and one Congregational Council member, as well as the Director, are ex-officio members of the Advisory Board.

Program, Personnel & Philosophy

Christian principles are emphasized as the children learn to love and live together. The personnel who guide the children are chosen for Christian character, love of children, training, and/or experience.

One of the most important goals is to prepare your child to enter kindergarten. Our day is patterned closely to the kindergarten programs in our area. Informal assessment testing takes place in January or February and Parent/Teacher conferences are scheduled for March. Communication is, however, key throughout the school year and lines are always open! Parental involvement is encouraged but not required. Parents are more than welcome in our classrooms!

Contact Us:

Mrs. Debra Graham, Director 215.828.1461 mrsdeg123@aol.com