Winter Warmth

On a cold and windy morning there is nothing better than a nice, hot cup of coffee (or tea I suppose) to make you feel all warm inside. Something else to help bring a sense of warmth on cold day can be a great devotional piece. On Tuesday evening at our monthly Church Council meeting Vicky Hyczko shared this beautiful poem with us for our opening devotions. We hope that it warms your soul on this cold, windy day.

Your Angel, Your Blessing
By: Edwina Williams

A thousand little angels
Dancing on a pin—
One slips away to your house;
Won’t you let him in?
He has a message for you;
He will ring it in your ear.
If you’re ready there’ll be blessings
For all that you hold dear.
If you don’t receive your angel,
He will go back to his dance;
And you many never ever know
That on you he took a chance.
That blessing of success
Or special bud of love
May never come back to you
From the angels’ treasure-trove.
So smile on every visitor;
Examine every thought.
Some may come from angels;
Some of them may not;
But by the grace of God
A thoughtful man can see
If a thought came as a blessing
Given absolutely free.