What are your hopes and dreams for our Synod?

What are your hopes and dreams for our Synod?

The Synod Transition Team invites you to help build a Mission Profile prior to the 2018 Bishop Election by taking a brief survey. The survey seeks input on the current state of the Synod and your hopes and dreams for our ministry together. The survey is open through December 8, 2017.

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Dear Sisters and Brothers of the SEPA synod,
It is an exciting time in our synod. The Southeastern Pennsylvania Synod is preparing for the election of a Bishop at our next Synod Assembly. Synod Council approved a three stage process to consider both the needs of the synod and the persons who might exhibit the gifts to serve as bishop. We are members of the Transition Team as the process has begun for preparing for this election.
You are being invited to complete a survey. Our task is to develop a Synodical Mission Profile. We are seeking your input on the current state of the synod and hopes and dreams for this synod and it’s ministry in the future. We are asking that you provide your thoughts and ideas about this important information.
If you do not have access to a computer or would prefer to complete a paper copy of the survey, these will be available through your congregation or download the survey via this link. We would ask that you complete the survey and mail it directly to: Research and Evaluation, ELCA, 8765 W Higgins Rd., Chicago, IL 60631
Please know that all responses will be kept strictly confidential and that no names of individuals or congregations will be included in the final report. If there are questions on the survey with which you don’t feel informed or comfortable to respond, please skip those questions and go to the next question.  We know your time is valuable and we deeply appreciate your participation.
Finally, please encourage other members of your congregation to participate in the questionnaire and tell them how to access it. Your investment in this survey will make a big difference on the next steps. Don’t miss this opportunity to participate. We want to hear from as many members of our synod as possible
Surveys will be gathered for processing until December 8, 2017. We look forward to compiling the thoughts and concerns of the members of SEPA synod and presenting this information along with the demographics of our synod to the Discernment Team in early January.
The Transition Team
Co-chairs: Julie Kinzel and Patricia Robinson,
Dr Addie Butler
The Rev Lynette Chapman
The Rev James Goodyear
The Rev Paul Neff
Douglas Parry
Karen Paulus
The Rev Donna Wright

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