Welcome Pastor McMullan!

While he has been with us here at St. Peter’s for a few weeks now, this Sunday, August 6th at 8:30 and 10am, we will formally welcome and install Pastor Christian McMullan as our interim pastor at St. Peter’s. We are very excited to have Pr. Christian McMullan as our interim pastor.  Pr. Christian lives in Phoenixville with his wife and three kids (2 boys, 1 girl).  As an interim, he has served full-time at three congregations and consulted with three others.  He enjoys preaching the Gospel in the midst of change and seeing how it lifts up congregations, teaching the Bible and church history, and, though an introvert at heart, he loves hearing people’s faith stories.  In his free time, he’s working on finishing a PhD dissertation on Philip Melanchthon’s theology of the Holy Spirit, likes to read sci-fi literature and history, playing soccer, and walking in the woods. If you have any questions about the transition process check out Pr. McMullan’s articles in the latest newsletter or contact him at  cmcmullan71@gmail.com. We hope that you will join us for this special day in the life and ministry of St. Peter’s as we welcome Pr. McMullan in worship, officially install him as our interim pastor, and celebrate in Fellowship following the worship services with a Coffee Hour outside in the parking lot gazebo. See you Sunday!