Weekend Recap: New Year Edition

Happy 2017 everyone! It’s Boar’s Head week here at St. Peter’s so of course things are busy – let’s get to the New Year recap:

  • The Boar’s Head Festival is THIS WEEKEND!!! Do you still need tickets? You can get them right here.
  • Decorating and prep work are already underway as we all prepare to welcome hundreds of people to share the life, love, and joy of Jesus Christ with!!!

    Makeup room ready!

    Costumes all ready!

    Banners, Star, Yule Log? Check.

    These guys are always ready to go.

  • The schedule this week for all things Boar’s Head is very busy – check it out for all choir and orchestra members, performers, crew, and anyone else.

MONDAY, JANUARY 2 at 6pm – Boar’s Head Walk Through

TUESDAY, JANUARY 3 at 7pm – Choir and Orchestra Rehearsal. Jester Rehearsal.

THURSDAY, JANUARY 5 at 7:30pm – Boar’s Head Dress Rehearsal


SUNDAY, JANUARY 8 at 8:30am and 10am – WORSHIP!!!!

SUNDAY, JANUARY 8 at 1pm, 4pm, and 7pm – BOAR’S HEAD FESTIVAL

  • A note from our amazing music director Carol Evans:

Hi singers and orchestra members of the Boar’s Head Festival,

    I am writing to let you know again, how much I appreciate your participation and hard work for our Festival this year. I am hoping to see everyone at rehearsals this Tuesday and this Thursday evenings.    It is mandatory that all singers and orchestra members are present on Tuesday, Jan 3 & Thursday, Jan 5 for our final dress rehearsals. We will actually sing for a live audience on Thursday, Jan 5, so please wear all-black uniform that evening.  PLEASE REMEMBER TO REFRAIN FROM SMOKING RIGHT BEFORE SINGING  & REFRAIN FROM SCENTED PERFUMES AND HAIRSPRAYS!  As promised, I have attached the list of songs with the sit and stand cues (if you have not received the email with attachments please contact Carol or the church office) – please mark before our rehearsal on Tuesday evening. Lastly – please remember to park in the remote parking for the performance days- we need every spot for the audience!

   I have attached the link for you to purchase tickets for the Festival (click here). Tickets are going fast, so please don’t miss out!  You may also purchase tickets from Jane Stettler before and after services.  You may also contact the Church Office for any additional information. 610-828-3098.  We have many tickets available for Sunday night at 7 but most of the other shows are pretty filled. Please make sure to bring along some of your favorite snacks for yourself, the church provides lots of other food.


Tuesday, Jan 3 -7:00 pm (Call time) 7:30 pm Rehearsal with orchestra

Thursday, Jan 5 – 7:00 pm (Call-time – wear all black – we perform for an audience!)7:30 performance

Sat – January 7 –  Call time – NOON (performances 1/4/7)

Sun – January 8 – Call time – NOON (performances 1/4/7)

With my gratitude and appreciation,


Happy New Year everyone – may God bless you and yours in this wonderful new day, month, and year that we share together as the people of God at St. Peter’s.