Vacation Bible School – Day 4

We had another great day today at Vacation Bible School splashing in God’s Word. Together we heard the Walking on Water story and learned how the disciples and Peter were frightened but Jesus was there with them and we were reminded of our need for God’s help. Jesus promises that he will be with us always. Jesus patiently waits with a hand outstretched for us to believe and to follow. And we can trust that he will be there for us in every storm. We’ll celebrate and rejoice in our trust and belief of Jesus’ presence with us. In song and crafts, in prayer and talking, in fun and silliness, and even in flying air rockets, limbo contests, and snacks we celebrated the love of God!

Tomorrow is our final day of Vacation Bible School and we will be hearing the story of Lydia. We will hear how God directs the path of Paul and his companions, how God opens Lydia’s heart to hear the good news, and how God adds a gifted woman to the ranks of the apostles traveling the world to share the Good News of Jesus Christ. We will learn how we are not so different from Lydia and that we can learn about Jesus and the wonders of God’s love, we can welcome others and show hospitality, we can follow Jesus, and we can share our own gifts to help share the Good News of Jesus Christ.

Don’t forget to send a white or plain t-shirt along for decorating (please write your child’s name on the shirt) and if you aren’t able to send one just let Pastor Suloff, Mrs. Graham, or the church office know and we’ll figure it out.

We will be collecting a freewill offering tomorrow to help offset the costs of Vacation Bible School, envelopes were sent home at the end of Wednesday along with a Midweek VBS Newsletter – if you did not receive one you can pick one up in the morning.

Please send a paper or plastic bag, labeled with your child’s name, so that we can send home all of their wonderful projects at the end of the week.

Thanks to all of our amazing volunteers and all the work that they do helping our kids hear and know and learn and splash in God’s Word!

Mrs. Graham has posted a bunch of pictures from today on the Nursery School Facebook page, if you’d like to see them and aren’t already following the page just send a request.

Thanks to everyone – kids, leaders, shepherds, helpers, parents, and everyone – for making our third day so much fun!!! We’ll see you in the morning!!!