The noble art of music

In times of stress or agitation we can often seek out things to calm our minds and to calm our souls. In times of hurry or busyness we may seek out things to bring us a sense of peace and joy. In times that might simply be “normal” we may seek out things to lift our spirits and bring us memories of joy and wonder. People have all kinds of different ways to seek peace and joy, comfort and calm – maybe you take long walks, maybe you like a nice warm cup of coffee or tea, maybe its reading a devotion or scripture, maybe it’s simply hearing good story or joke, or maybe it is music.

Music, as Martin Luther once said, “is one of the most magnificent and delightful presents that God has given us”. Music has a way of lifting the spirit, calming the soul, bringing about feelings of joy and excitement. During the Christmas season, in the midst of all the hustle and bustle, maybe listening to a little Christmas music will help remind you of the reason for the season, refresh your memory of the joy of the season, bring a smile to a stressful day, and bring some peace in the midst of some hurry. Gloria Keehn, sent along this link to a streaming internet radio station Christmas player at, and we hope that you enjoy it and you have joy and peace in this season.