Stay safe online – say no to cyber bullying

safeonline-3Online safety is a big concern for everyone today, especially for parents and kids. While there are many concerns related to online safety one of the most disturbing issues is related to cyber-bullying. Thanks to the seemingly anonymous nature of the internet people can, and unfortunately do, sometimes post cruel and hurtful things online. Twitter is one of the most popular online platforms and is sometimes used by people to bully or troll individuals simply because they choose to express themselves via their online profile. Twitter is now adding additional filters to keep away online bullying as well as adding a seemingly stronger response to complaints about abusive behavior on its platform. This may not seem like a church issue but it is – as people who love and care for all of their neighbors their is no place for cruelty or bullying and improvements to remove cruel and hateful comments and statements and an effective strategy to remove those who wish to bully others is a welcome improvement to the online community. The internet and social media can be tremendous tools to connect all people but it can also have problems like any other element in the world. It is good to see a company such as Twitter taking a stronger stand to keep people safe. If you are interested in learning more about safe online practices for yourself and your family please take a minute to view the links below. Together we stand against hate and bullying. Together we stand to share the life, love, and joy of Jesus Christ with all people.

Resources for safe online practices: