Say hello to the Transition Team

Say Hello to St. Peter’s Transition Team!!

A month ago, Pr. Christian asked Council to put together a Transition Team to help guide y’all through the transition process, by figuring out the best way to discern your identity, vision, mission, needs, priorities, etc.  Basically, all the important things you need to know about yourselves that need to be shared with a pastoral candidate, as well as prepare yourselves for the future as much as possible.  So here they are!
Vicky Hyczko
Bob Guzik
John Lewis
Debbie Fiegel
Jane Stettler
Bob Dungay
Cate Lownes
Rob Gardner
Lauren DeVitis

Please come to them with your thoughts, concerns, joys, and ideas as St. Peter’s goes through this exciting time of change!  And of course, pray for them!



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  1. deborah feigel

    Looking for a baby crib for a poor Chinese family in south philly.

    We will pick up and deliver.
    Debbie Feigel

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