Quotes from Martin Luther—and what they mean for us today.

by John Lewis

In an effort to keep us thinking about the coming 500th Anniversary of the Reformation, we will be featuring some of his quotations.  They will be posted on the double-door bulletin board in the Narthex and here on the website. We hope you’ll get in the habit of checking in both places often!

Our first quote:

Even if I knew tomorrow that the world would go to pieces, I would still plant my apple tree.”

 –Martin Luther

When we plant a tree on our lawn or along the street, we often inwardly think that the tree will grow and flourish for decades, long beyond our time on earth. We are consciously looking to the future. Luther would have supported that thought, but would offer that when we do something of long-term implication, we should only think of the day we perform the planting of anything, be it an idea, a random thought, or a plan for building a forest or a home or a school. The future belongs to God, and we need to give strong recognition to His plan, not ours. So, without thinking about tomorrow, we are encouraged to act decisively on our thoughts now, and pray for God’s blessing!

“Pray…and let God worry!”

—Martin Luther

Many of us, as humans, are card-carrying worriers!  We worry about our families, our security, our job—a whole host of things that furrow our brow and have the potential for making us very sick. Martin Luther knew that God cares for us so much that there is little room in our lives and thoughts for any kind of angst, regardless of how much importance we put on the things we worry about.  God urges us to exchange worry for faith, and even though we do not know why some things happen, we have our faith to rely upon.  But, there is something we CAN do, and that is pray to God with all our hearts. We can link our prayers to our faith, trust in God, and move forward. Onward with faith—not worry!

–JCLewis, 2016