We have all heard of the Masacre at the Gay Club in Orlando. Fifty lives ended and 53 people injured. Parents, Brothers, Sisters, Parents, Children, Partners and Spouses are mourning their loved ones. While the news broadcast are looking for reasons and trying to make some sense of this, these are issues that will never be answered. Others are making this situation political about gun laws, or religious by saying this is the wrath of God toward this specific group of people . All I know is that it saddens God when any life is prematurely ended. Many of these people were baptized children of God. All of these people were created by God. Let us pray for all those who are affected by this violent act, not only in Orlando, but in every city, town or village throughout God’s world where safety is something that is becoming much more fragile that it had been two days ago.

And remember – that nothing can separate us from the love of God in Christ Jesus our Lord.

Pastor Todd