Merry X-Mas???

I remember when I was a kid I thought it would be cool to start saying “X-mas” instead of Christmas. I spent a day or two running around saying, “I’m excited for X-mas!!” and “I wonder what I’m going to get for X-mas?!” and “Merry X-Mas one and all!”. I thought it was hysterical and cool. My mother on the other hand did not find it funny at all. I was told to stop saying it and when I asked why I was told that it was offensive and inappropriate. Mom told me that it was disrespectful to Jesus to simply say “X-mas” and that it just wasn’t the right thing to say or do – “Christmas is Christmas, you don’t need to shorten it.” Ever since then I’ve always said Christmas and never once used the abbreviation “X-mas” – not in letters or text messages, not in emails or facebook posts, not in speech and I almost instinctively cringe whenever I see it or hear it (guess I listen to my mother well!). All that being said, I found this post from very interesting and worth the short read so check it out. And yes, I’ve forwarded the link to my mother too!

Keep the X in XMas by Dan Wilkenson


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  1. Kathleen Suloff

    Dear Son,
    I was always aware of the X symbolism, but you weren’t. Glad you trusted me enough to do as you were told until you understood and could use it correctly.

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