Important Choir Updates

Hi everyone – Again I must thank each of you for your hard work and dedication to the Music Ministry at St Pete’s.  I am eternally grateful for all you do here.  I have updated some information – so please read very carefully!   There will be another email coming out to the Boar’s Head Choir, so please take note of that as well.  Here are some important announcements for the next few weeks.
With my gratitude and appreciation,
Bell Choir rehearsals:
  • Advent Candlelighting bells:
    • Dec 18 – Austin & Stephanie
    • Dec 247 pm – Austin & Lois
    • Dec 2410 pm – Stephanie & Austin
  • NO Thursday rehearsals until after the Boar‘s Head!!!(Jan 7-8)  I will be in touch with you regarding some changes to our Thursday night rehearsals during Jan-Feb.
Adult Choir Rehearsals:
  • ThursdayDec 157:30 pm8:30 pm
  • ThursdayDec 22  –7:30 pm – 9:00 pm (NO Boar‘s Head)
  • ThursdayDec 29NO Adult ChOir – only Boar’s Head at 7:30 
  • Thursday, Jan 5 – NO Adult Choir – only Boar‘s Head performance
  • Saturday, Dec 247 pm & 10 PM services   (with a little party in between)
  • Sunday, Dec 25 – only 1 service 9:30 AM – NO CHOIR (unless you would like to come & just sing along on lessons & carols)
  • After Boars Head –

    I will be in touch with you regarding some changes to our Thursday night rehearsals.

Please see the schedule below for another updated rehearsal schedule.  Take special note that we will NOT rehearse on Thursday, Dec 22.   Please do continue practicing your music, however!  Also please note that we will begin rehearsal  early on Thursday, Dec 29 – starting at 7:30 pm.  It is mandatory that all singers are present on Tuesday, Jan 3 & Thursday, Jan 5 for our final dress rehearsals. We will actually sing for a live audience on Thursday, Jan 5, so please wear all-black uniform that evening.

BOAR‘S HEAD Rehearsals:

  • Thursday, Dec 158:30 pm
  • Thursday, Dec 22 – NO BOAR‘S HEAD rehearsal!
  • Thursday, Dec 297:30 pm
  • Tuesday, Jan 37:30 pm Rehearsal with orchestra
  • Thursday, Jan 57:00 pm (call-time – wear all black – we perform for an audience!)
  • Sat – January 7 –  Call time – NOON (performances 1/4/7)
  • Sun – January 8 – Call time – NOON (performances 1/4/7)

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