Hey Everyone, LOOK HERE! December 8th edition

Happy Friday once again St. Peter’s! We’ve got a whole bunch of things coming up in the next few weeks so let’s get right to it…

  1. 2nd Annual Holiday Sale: December 10, 2017 – What a perfect time to pick up beautiful hand-made Christmas gifts, stocking stuffers (including the stocking!) There’s something for everyone.  Stop by the table in the Narthex before and after the 8:30 am and the 10:00 am services this Sunday!  All proceeds will be donated to Evangelical Lutheran Church in America Disaster Response.
  2. The Prayer Shawl Ministry team is making “Pocket Prayer Squares” that will be sent to the church in Sutherland Springs, Texas, in the aftermath of the shootings that occurred recently. Each will have a prayer card attached.  We will also include prayer cards made by the children.  A large card that will be placed in the Narthex for anyone to sign or write a note of support. If you are interested in making your own prayer card and have any questions please contact Celeste Chamberlain or Pastor Suloff.
  3. On Sunday, December 17th we will be holding our annual Christmas Pageant during the 10am worship service. The pageant is very simple and requires no special rehearsals but we would like families to contact Pastor Suloff if your child would like to participate in the pageant so that we can better organize the costumes. The pageant will be a time of our youngest amongst us sharing the Good News of the birth of Jesus Christ through story, song, and costume – we hope that you will join us for this wonderful day at St. Peter’s!
  4. Also on Sunday, December 17th we will be having our 1st Annual Snacks with Santa event following the 10am worship service! We will gather down in Fellowship Hall for a time of snacks, crafts, and a visit from Santa Claus! All are invited to join us for this special event and if you would like to bring some treats for children and adults alike (candy, Christmas cookies, brunch treats, anything) or set up a table similar to our Trunk or Treat event – all are welcome! If you have any questions please contact Pastor Suloff.
  5. The St. Peter’s Giving Tree is in the narthex! This is Social Ministry’s 12th year of providing gifts to the needy in our community. We work with Colonial Neighborhood Council which has identified families who have needs due to family illness, domestic violence, abandonment, or other financial troubles. Take a name tag from the tree.  Each tag identifies a member of a family, and provides the name, age, and size of the person you’ll shop for.  Some tags may identify a requested item.  For each tag you take, put your name and telephone number on the sign up sheet in the box corresponding to the tag # that you selected, so we can follow up (just in case you forget to return the gift(s) by SUNDAY, December 17th). And remember, kids make these gift requests.  So, if a 7 year old asks for a iPad, it’s okay to buy an inexpensive alternative.  One child this year asked for a bike; others simply asked for clothes or shoes. All gifts and donations should be returned to the church by SUNDAY, DECEMBER 17TH so be sure to pick up your gift tag this Sunday and bring it back by next Sunday! If you have any questions please contact John Gordon.
  6. Christmas Eve falls on a Sunday this year so our worship schedule will be a little different. In the morning we will celebrate the fourth Sunday of Advent at one worship service held at 9:30am. Our Christmas Eve evening schedule will remain the same with our 5pm Family Service and our traditional 7pm and 10pm services.
  7. The Boar’s Head Festival is coming soon and we still need help! We are still in need of volunteer young women to be Ladies in Waiting, 12-16 year old boys to carry the Boar, and children of all ages to be cooks, sprites, and children of the manor. The Boar’s Head Festival is a wonderful event that is fun for all ages and a great way to share the life, love, and joy of Jesus Christ with others! If you or your children would like to volunteer to help with the Boar’s Head Festival please contact Kate Garrison at garrison@ymail.com. And don’t forget to order your tickets by submitting and order form to the Church Office or by simply clicking on the link at the church website or, to make life easier, just CLICK HERE.
  8. Finally, a word of thanks. We have many volunteers at St. Peter’s who give a great deal of their time, talent, energy, and love to our ministries to ensure that our congregation continues to thrive and share the life, love, and joy of Jesus Christ with others. We’d like to take a moment to thank two volunteers in particular: Julia Friedgen and Brian Deal. Julia has worked tirelessly to keep the Choir singing through organizing, selecting music, coordinating with our guest musicians, working with the Children’s Choir. Through her efforts, and through the efforts of the entire Choir working with her, we have continued to have the beautiful music that fills St. Peter’s with Good News of Jesus Christ each week. Brian, along with David Stettler, has worked tirelessly to get a handle of the church finances, organize our systems, and work on building our budget for the coming year, and he provided us with a detailed and clear presentation last week of the current, and expected future state, of the finances of St. Peter’s so that we can continue to move forward with our ministries and sharing the life, love, and joy of Jesus Christ with others. Thank you to all who give so much of yourselves to the life and ministry of St. Peter’s and thank you to Brian and Julia for their dedication, love, care, and service in these last few weeks and months.

Well, we think that covers just about everything for now but we’ll be sure to let you know if more items arise during this busy, joyous, and blessed season at St. Peter’s! We can’t wait to see you all at St. Peter’s this Sunday for the 2nd Sunday of Advent and in the coming weeks as we gather together to share the life, love, and joy of Jesus Christ together!