Hey Everyone! LOOK HERE! February 9th edition

Happy Friday yet again St. Peter’s! We’ve got a number of things to get to as always so let’s get right to it…

  1. Join us this Sunday, February 11th following the 10am worship service for our annual early Fastnacht celebration in Fellowship Hall! If you would like to bring fastnachts or help in any way with this wonderful event please contact Danielle Gardner at dtgardner73@yahoo.com.
  2. Do you like music? Do you sing in the shower or in the car? Do you find yourself tapping your foot to the beat of a song? Do you enjoy sharing the life, love, and joy of Jesus Christ with others? If so, you can join the choir!

All are welcome to join our choirs at St. Peter’s! You do not need to be a professional musician and if you can’t make every rehearsal or every Sunday that is ok too – all you need is a willing heart to share the Good News of Jesus Christ through music. If you have any interest in joining the choir, or any questions, please contact John Kampmeyer, Jr at jkampmeyer.jr@gmail.com. As a special limited time offer – if at least 5 new people join the choir Pastor Suloff will sing an anthem with the choir!

Adult Choir rehearsals: Thursdays at 7:30pm

Bell Choir rehearsals: Thursdays at 6:30pm

Children’s Choir rehearsals: Sundays following the 10am Worship Service (starting February 11)

  1. We are swiftly approaching the start of Lent as Ash Wednesday is this Wednesday, February 14th. Our Ash Wednesday services will be held at 12pm and 7:30pm. Starting on Wednesday, February 21st we will be holding Lenten Midweek Soup Suppers and Vespers every Wednesday from 6:30pm to 8:00pm. Join us for a delicious soup supper, fellowship, prayer, and vespers as we explore the basic catechisms of our faith. We hope you will join us for this wonderful way for the whole family to deepen our faith together as we journey through Lent.
  2. Roundtables part 2: Mark your calendars!  On Sun. Feb. 18th and 25th after worship, and Feb. 26, Mon. at 7:00, the Transition Team will be hosting another set of Roundtables to explore more deeply the four ministry areas of Christian Education, Fellowship, Social Ministry, and Worship.  You will have an opportunity to explore what you want to see happen in them, what you are willing to do in them, and address any barriers that need to be overcome.  More information to follow!
  3. We have received several questions about the 2017 Financial Statements and they are on the way. We apologize for the delay as we have been slowed down this year as efforts have been focused on the audit process and better organizing our financial matters at the church. 2017 Financial Statements will be mailed early next week.
  4. Finally, a word of thanks to all who helped with our Annual Souper Bowl Sunday fundraisers. A big thank you to Jan Gera and all our soup makers and servers and a big thank you to Jodi Ash and all our hoagie makers! Through our Soup Sale our Social Ministry Team raised $838 and through our Hoagie Sale our Children, Youth, and Family Ministries raised $636.50! Thank you to all our volunteers who gave their time and energy to make delicious soups and hoagies and to everyone who supported our ministries through these fundraisers.

We think that covers everything for now St. Peter’s so we will see you on Sunday for Fastnachts and on Wednesday as we begin our Lenten journey together. Also, great job on the afternoon prayer vigil last Sunday – Go Eagles! Stay warm, enjoy your weekend, and keep sharing the life, love, and joy of Jesus Christ with others.

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