Florida to Boar’s Head

Jane Stettler oversees ticket sales for the upcoming Boar’s Head Festival which is a rather big job. As of this morning 1,423 tickets have been sold for the festival and with that many tickets you get to interact with a good number of people. Yesterday I emailed our Boar’s Head participants asking them why they participate in the Boar’s Head Festival (you can see their answers here) but Jane had a different response:

“I know you are collecting stories about why St. Peter’s does Boar’s Head.  But, then there are the stories I’m hearing from people who attend Boar’s Head.

I just talked to a gentleman today who is currently in Florida.  He is coming to Pennsylvania this weekend to tie up some business he has in Pennsylvania.  But, he is timing it so that he can see Boar’s Head.  He wanted 4 tickets for Saturday at 1:00.  I suppose he will be seeing it with friends or family.  But, then he told me that he will be going out for a late lunch and then coming back to see the 4:00 performance because he “needs to get his fill of Boar’s Head.”


He would like to get some interest down in Florida, but he feels that anything online or hearing a taping just doesn’t compare to seeing it live at St. Peter’s.  He wishes he could bring people with him from Florida.  He asked about taping it but understands that licensing issues prevent that from happening.”

Wow indeed! It is such a privilege to be able to hold a festival that is so meaningful and moving to people. We are honored at St. Peter’s to be able to share the life, love, and joy of Jesus Christ with others in this special and unique way and we thank everyone who attends – from both near and far – for your support!