Faith & Finances

Thrivent Financial logo (PRNewsFoto/Thrivent Financial)

Following the 10am worship service on Sunday, September 25th Tom and Anthony, our Thrivent representatives, will be with us to share a presentation on Faith & Finances and how our faith can be reflected through our resources. Would you be interested in learning what you could do now, so that your legacy will continue past your earthly lifetime? How can your finances be best utilized to help you have the quality of life God intended for you as well as have enough to care for God’s ministry throughout the world?

This is a free information session that will last about one hour. You are not going to be sold anything or asked to sign up for something. It is just a chance for us to learn how to be better stewards of what God has given to us. We will meet in the Chapel after the worship services (11:00ish), and refreshments will be available!