Christmas Decorating Fun v.5

Last week we shared a post called Christmas Decorating Fun where we invited you all to share your favorite Christmas stuff with us:

“Send us a picture of your Christmas tree, your nativity scene, your favorite decoration, your Christmas spirit – let us see how you are sharing the life, love, and joy of Jesus Christ with others in this season and we’ll share it on Facebook and right here – send your pictures to”

We’ve received a few pictures and we’ll be sharing them over the next few days as we get ready for Christmas morning and here is our fifth installment of Christmas Decorating Fun!

Keeping the joy (and dabbing) in Christmas

My kid is in second grade and he and his friends are into the whole dabbing thing. Every time he is excited about something, or proud of something, or is just feeling fun and goofy he “dabs”. It’s basically pushing your arms out to one side and ducking your head a bit, and personally I think dabbing is over and kind of silly but I don’t have the heart to tell him that. Whatever though, the kid wants to dab when he’s happy, or proud, or excited, so “go ahead and do it kiddo” is kind of my mantra when it comes to whatever his latest “cool” thing happens to be.

I don’t get the whole dab thing, I really don’t. Maybe I’m just officially old and outdated and don’t understand trends and stuff. Maybe it’s not my thing. What I do know is that it is a sign of joy from my kid and that, joy and happiness, I do understand, that I like.

I asked him for a picture in front of our Christmas tree that we decorated together while laughing and being silly and of course he wanted to dab for the picture. He’s proud of the tree, he’s excited Christmas is almost upon us, and he’s simply full of joy because of the season (yes, it is primarily for Santa and all but I think somewhere in there the joy is deeper than just presents, or at least I hope that it is).

I didn’t ask him to change his pose and smile nice for the picture. We don’t need a Christmas card picture and we don’t need something to hang on the wall. The kid is happy, and proud, and joyful, and that is what we need now and every day. We need to keep the joy in the moment, in the season, in every day of our lives.

I think dabbing is silly but the kid loves it so I told him to dab his little heart out in front of the Christmas tree. To me this is joy, to me this is happiness, to me this is the season.

Maybe he’s just excited about Santa, and presents, and days off from school and that’s why he’s so happy and dabbing. I don’t quite know cause it’s a little hard to have a “deep and profound” conversation with a 7 year old. What I do know is that he is happy and joyful and that is what we celebrate this season. We celebrate God with us. We celebrate the birth of Jesus. We celebrate the joy of God’s grace.

I hope that through this season, and through dabbing, that the joy always remains for him, and that as he grows he’ll learn that the season is about more than just presents and days off of school, that it’s also about God’s love and presence with us. For now I’m going to let the kid dab in front of the tree, feel the joy of the season, celebrate it in his own way, and hopefully feel the love of God with us somewhere in the process.

Keep the joy in the season, and dab if you want, because God is with us.