Christmas Decorating Fun v.3

Last week we shared a post called Christmas Decorating Fun where we invited you all to share your favorite Christmas stuff with us:

“Send us a picture of your Christmas tree, your nativity scene, your favorite decoration, your Christmas spirit – let us see how you are sharing the life, love, and joy of Jesus Christ with others in this season and we’ll share it on Facebook and right here – send your pictures to”

We’ve received a few pictures and we’ll be sharing them over the next few days as we get ready for Christmas morning and here is our third installment of Christmas Decorating Fun courtesy of Pr. Todd!

My next door neighbor has Rudolph and Santa. My neighbor across the street has Frosty the Snowman. I told them somebody has to keep Christ in Christmas.

They agreed.

Most of my ornaments are gifts from friends. I received this from a choir member when I was a church organist. It always brings about fond memories.

I made this ornament with a group of friends who held an ornament making party. I always say that the time I spend with friends is more valuable than the things.

This red, white, and blue house was made to commemorate the bicentennial in 1976. It was made by a friend and many of my ornaments commemorate specific events. Decorating the tree is like going down memory lane.

We often think about the baby Jesus at Christmas. This cross and crown ornament reminds me why Jesus was born. The road to Bethlehem eventually led to the cross.

Every ornament on the tree has a story behind it. A full tree is a reminder of a full life.

-Pastor Todd