Christmas Decorating Fun v.1

Last week we shared a post called Christmas Decorating Fun where we invited you all to share your favorite Christmas stuff with us:

“Send us a picture of your Christmas tree, your nativity scene, your favorite decoration, your Christmas spirit – let us see how you are sharing the life, love, and joy of Jesus Christ with others in this season and we’ll share it on Facebook and right here – send your pictures to”

We’ve received a few pictures and we’ll be sharing them over the next few days as we get ready for Christmas morning and here is our first installment of Christmas Decorating Fun!

This carousel has been in my family for as long as I can remember. When you wind it up the horses spin and a simple, almost haunting yet beautiful little tune plays. It is the one decoration that I begged my mom to have when I moved into my own home and needed some decorations of my own. It’s got nothing to do with Jesus and isn’t really all that “Christmas” other than it’s red and green but it was always out for Christmas time. I remember, as a child, winding it up and watching the horses spin and listening to the simple tune over and over. I don’t remember what I specifically thought as a child but I know what I think now as I hear that tune and watch the horses spin – I think of family with me and gone, I think of Christmas time and the fun and laughter and joy that fills the house, I think of the small moments of joy and beauty – sometimes found in family, sometimes found in friends, sometimes found in church, sometimes found in the world, sometimes found in a simple tune and a few spinning horses – that remind me that God is with us and that joy and blessing can be found, not only in the big stuff of life, but sometimes in a little, spinning, wooden carousel playing its simple tune.

-Pastor Suloff