Choir Announcements

Here are a few notes from our amazing music director Carol Evans about upcoming rehearsals…
Dear Choir Members,
      Happy New Year!  Thanks to all of you for helping our church music during Advent, Christmas, and Boar’s Head Festival to be so beautiful.  As you may know, we are changing our Thursday night rehearsals for January-February.  We are going to try something different during these cold and dark months. We will meet at 9:15 to warm up for the Sunday service and we are going to meet on Sunday mornings to rehearse the Adult Choir from 11:15-11:45. We are also hoping to recruit some new singers to the choir who might not be able to come out in the evening.   Please remember that the music will be simple and fun to sing, so invite any friends & family to join us!
Hi everyone,
    Thanks to each of you for making our Christmas season so special with the Children’s music and Pageant.  I truly appreciate your help in making sure that your children were present for all the special music events.  They were absolutely beautiful!  We are going to start again with Children’s Choir this Sunday, immediately after the 10 AM service & Sunday School (we will start at 11 AM).  It will be a short rehearsal because then I will work with the Adult Choir for the next 2 months.
Thanks again for everything!
XXOO Carol