Called to do God’s work together

We often wonder what we can do to help out, how we can make a difference, how we can live as God’s people who love and serve our neighbors. Here are two pictures of difference making… IMG_0141IMG_0142

These are simple school supplies that our local kids need for their education. The first picture is 40 backpacks that were purchased for $200 from money raised through social ministry fundraising. In the second picture the majority of these school supplies were purchased by Julie and Ellen, using social ministry money, when Office Depot was going out of business. They continue to go back daily as they were doing the markdowns to purchase these items at the best possible price. They were purchased when they were marked down 75 to 90% off.  Our Social Ministry programs will be adding more supplies donated from Quaker Chemical who is our partner in this outreach ministry. Every year we work together to fill backpacks and take them to the Colonial Neighborhood Council who then distributes them to local children in need.

It can be difficult sometimes to find time or ways to help, to love and serve our neighbors, but sometimes it is as simple as giving a little extra for a backpack or keeping your eyes open for a good sale and picking up some items. They can all be used, all our efforts matter, everything we do to love and serve our neighbors as the people of God makes a difference.

When you are out and about take a look around for sales or maybe you just have a little extra money this week…grab a pencil box, a backpack, a box of crayons, a notepad, some markers, to help out our brothers and sisters.

Together we work, together we care, together we share the life, love, and joy of Jesus Christ.

We are still in need of the following school supplies: 

Crayola markers
Composition book (wide rule not college)
Elmers glue
Pencil case
Big eraser
3×5 cards
Color pencils