Boar’s Head Thanks from Carol Evans

(Editor’s note: Thank you Carol for all that you do and all that you bring to St. Peter’s and each of us – you are amazing!)

Hello to all Boar’s Head Musicians,

Please accept my sincerest gratitude for all your beautiful work during the Advent/Christmas and Boar’s Head seasons.  Thanks to each of you for all the wonderful blessings you added to our celebration of Christ’s birth. Without the music of the faith which brings us all together, the season would be something far less meaningful than it is. And certainly, you bless us all year long in every season and occasion with your precious gifts of sacred music.  Your faithfulness is astounding. The weeknight of choir rehearsals, the Sunday morning run-throughs, the worship services Sunday after Sunday, over and over and over again. And I know you don’t only sing for your anthem, but you also lend your full voice and heart to every note of every part of the service and hymns. Thank you!

Thank you to our instrumentalists. You bring such a gift and skill into the worship of the Lord during our Boar’s Head Festival, which has been honed to near perfection with so many years of rehearsal, practice, and performance. From trumpets to bassoons, from violins to timpani, and every instrument in between, you play for the glory of God and to make music in God’s Name. Thank you for your professionalism, dedication, competence, and flexibility in the Boar’s Head presentation.

Thank you to our soloists.  I must have had at least 50 people tell me that this year the soloists were just outstanding, that the music brought them to tears of joy and comfort.  Please know that I am deeply grateful to each of you for sharing your talents and hearts with our church.

Thank you, Pastor Todd, our organist. You are amazing. It is hard to comprehend how you so easily transition from a wonderful organist into the role of an eloquent and inspiring pastor. Your faith comes through not only your words but also your musical hands and feet to bring us into an even deeper faith.

  Martin Luther wrote, “I truly desire that all the faithful would love and regard as worthy the lovely gift of music, which is a precious, worthy, and costly treasure given to all by God…We marvel when we hear music that reminds us of a heavenly dance.”  I am quite sure that we were all singing and dancing a “heavenly dance” this past weekend! 

Lastly, thank you for the beautiful cards, the gorgeous flower arrangement (see below) and the words of thanks and congratulations. I will treasure each and every expression from you.  Bless you. Please keep it up. I hold each of you in high esteem.

Yours most sincerely,


PS – You are welcome to join us for Adult Choir this Sunday morning at 9:15 – and then after church from about 11:15-11:45 to prepare for next Sunday.

You may click on the link below for a beautiful album of photos from the weekend:

Boar’s Head Pictures