An Interview with our Council President

There are many ways to serve and be a part of the St. Peter’s community. One of the most rewarding ways to share your gifts and talents with the congregation is by serving on the Church Council. The Council meets monthly and helps to both make sure that the work of the church is running smoothly and also helps to plan and set the vision for the congregation moving forward. Leadership of this group is held by the Church Council President and our current Council President is Jan Gera. Serving as Council President can be a big and busy job at times but can also be quite rewarding and inspiring. We decided to ask Jan a few questions about why she serves, her thoughts on the future of St. Peter’s, and some other things…

1. How long have you served on Church Council? This is your second time on Church Council and second time serving as president right?

This my second time on council and second time as Council president. I think I’m up to a total of 8 years. Fun fact there have only been two female council presidents in the history of St Peter’s. Myself and Pat Darby!

2. It takes up a lot of time right? You’re a busy lady, why do you do it?

Because I have super hero powers? I do it because I care so much about the past and future of St Peter’s. St Peter’s has always been there for me and my family. I want everyone to be able to experience the joy we’ve had here.

3. What’s it like being the President of Church Council?

It’s like being the most popular kid in the class. Everyone wants to talk to you. Before worship- after worship- at church functions – in the grocery store.

4. What is your favorite thing about serving on Church Council?

Team St Peter’s! We are all in it together. Council is an open forum where we discuss what’s good and what might need a little tweak. We all respect each other, even when we may disagree over a tactical direction.

5. What is your greatest hope for St. Peter’s in 2017?

To hopefully get more folks actively involved in many of the missions that we serve! Come on people!!! It’s FUN and you feel great after you do some of that good deed doing.

6. Tell the truth, who’s sermons do you like better?

😉 It depends on who asks me…

7. What’s one thing you want the people of St. Peter’s to know

Council can’t do it all alone. There are SO many ways to participate. Read the church blogs, listen to the Sermons on the website if you can’t attend on a Sunday. Take all the love and joy you feel during Boars Head Weekend and channel it to other St. Peter’s efforts.

A huge thank you to Jan Gera for taking the time to answer our questions (even if she diplomatically didn’t answer #6 – FYI she often refers to herself as “Switzerland”) and for all the leadership, service, love, and care that she gives to all of St. Peter’s!