Pub Theology this Wednesday, July 13!

Pub Theology Wednesday, July 13!

Join us on Wednesday, July 13th as we again partner with Christ Lutheran Church of Oreland for Pub Theology Night at MaGerk’s Pub and Grill in Fort Washington at 6:30pm for faith, fellowship, food and more. If you plan on attending please RSVP to Pastor Suloff by Tuesday morning so that we can be sure to reserve enough tables at MaGerk’s. Here’s what we will be discussing:

Tonight’s Ice breaker: What was your favorite teacher like? What made him or her stand out?

Our Discussion Questions:

Have you ever heard anyone say, “This country is in moral decline. I just wish we would return to our Christian values and turn back to God”? What do you think they mean by it? Do you agree with them? Disagree? How do you respond when you hear someone say something like this?pub theology