Time to listen as well as speak

I find politics very interesting. I love to read articles and watch reports and commentaries related to all things politics. I have strong personal political beliefs. That being said, this post is not about my personal political beliefs nor is it about advocating for any particular position or group within a debate. As a nation … [Read more…]

Did you miss worship on Sunday?

With the beautiful summer weather, busy schedules, and vacations it can be tough to get to worship some Sunday mornings but don’t worry, if you miss worship you can still hear the Sunday sermon right here on the website at “Hear the Good News”! If you missed this Sunday be sure to give a listen … [Read more…]


We have all heard of the Masacre at the Gay Club in Orlando. Fifty lives ended and 53 people injured. Parents, Brothers, Sisters, Parents, Children, Partners and Spouses are mourning their loved ones. While the news broadcast are looking for reasons and trying to make some sense of this, these are issues that will never … [Read more…]

Can you help? VBS 2016

AUGUST 1-5, 2016 Vacation Bible School is a tremendous event for St. Peter’s and for the larger community. For an entire week we will have numerous kids and families engaged with the church and learning about the life, love, and joy of Jesus Christ. It is a great chance to engage kids, reach out to the … [Read more…]

Music Sunday Reflections

Carol Evans, our amazing Music Director, asked our choir members to select their favorite hymns and pieces for Music Sunday. Along with this request she also asked folks to share their thoughts about why the music that they chose is so meaningful to them. Here are some of the thoughts that we have received so far … [Read more…]

Pub Theology TONIGHT!

Pub Theology TONIGHT! Join us tonight as we partner with Christ Lutheran Church of Oreland for Pub Theology Night at MaGerk’s Pub and Grill in Fort Washington at 6:30pm for faith, fellowship, food and more. Here is what we’ll be discussing tonight: Tonight’s Ice breaker: Do you take yourself too seriously or not seriously enough? Our … [Read more…]

Thank God and thank you!!

Thank God for our partners in ministry who join us in loving, caring for, and serving our neighbors! We are truly blessed to have so many groups, businesses, and individuals who work in and for our community. We are called to love our neighbors as ourselves and to care for all in need and these organizations, … [Read more…]

Are We Worthy?

Due to some technical difficulties we didn’t get an audio recording or Pr. Todd’s sermon on Memorial Day – it’s definitely worth the read! 2nd Sunday after Pentecost                           St. Peter’s – Lafayette Hill, PA. Text: Luke 7:1-10                                                                      May 29, 2016 Preacher: The Rev. R. Bruce Todd                         Memorial Day Weekend   “Are We Worthy?” Yep!  It’s still … [Read more…]